BOHEMiYUM Wins 2022 Eco Excellence Awards for BEST SNACK in Nutrition Category!

Exciting News! BOHEMiYUM was just awarded BEST SNACK in the Nutrition Category in the 2022 Eco Excellence Awards!

This new (award-winning) popcorn has been praised around the US for its unique way of making eating healthy and fun, delicious and meaningful.


Award News

We are excited to announce that BOHEMiYUM has won the 2022 Eco Excellence Award for Best Snack in the Nutrition category! This is a huge honor and we are so proud of our team and product. Our delicious popcorn is not only a "better-for-you" snack but it also gives back. With every bag sold, a portion of proceeds goes to supporting The Arts in public schools across the nation. We believe that The Arts should be accessible to everyone (especially students), and we are committed to providing our part in doing so. Thank you for supporting us and helping us achieve this goal!


Why is winning an award important?

The award recognizes the hard work and dedication that our team has put into making BOHEMiYUM the best popcorn possible. Not only are we passionate about popcorn, but we're also passionate about our mission. We believe that healthy snacks can be delicious, and we're thrilled to be recognized for our efforts. This award is a testament to the fact that snacks can be delicious and enjoyable! It also helps spread awareness of our mission to support The Arts in public schools, and this is super important! We were thrilled to have been part of such an incredible group of brands, and are proud to carry this honor!.


What's next for BOHEMiYUM?

BOHEMiYUM is continuing to innovate delicious, health-conscience flavors for our popcorn line, and we are planning to release a new flavor soon. In addition, we are also launching a new Subscribe and Save monthly option. You can save money, and also not have to worry about running out of YUM! More details coming soon...

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