At the core of our company there's a deep passion not only for popcorn,
but also for The Arts.

BOHEMiYUM - Supporting The Arts in Public Schools Nationwide 

Definition of The Arts
A group of activities done by people with skill and imagination. Music, film, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, literature, etc...
Studies have shown that exposure to the Arts (especially at a young age), brings an enormous amount of long lasting benefits.
When state education budget cuts happen, one of the first programs that usually gets effected are the district's Arts programs. Whether it's art, music, photography, dance, sculpting, etc...EVERY one of the programs are equally valuable, and very important.

BOHEMiYUM is determined to make a difference in helping keep Arts programs alive...and we're making an impact!

Here are some of our recent donations to The Arts...

BOHEMiYUM Donations to The Arts

BOHEMiYUM Snacks Donations to The Arts
You can feel good when you purchase a bag of our popcorn...you're doing more than satisfying your hunger. You're helping us keep these programs alive for students and teachers alike. We couldn't do it without our customers...we are so thankful for your support of the "YUM".

Who would have thought popped corn could be so powerful!

BOHEMiYUM Popcorn - Full Size Bags

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