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BOHEMiYUM Popcorn Founders - Jason and Ali
I grew up in a MUSICALLY rooted, ARTISTIC home where all forms of self-expression were highly encouraged. This value carried over into everything we did, including in the kitchen. We often played with CREATIVE ways of flavoring our favorite snack - popcorn!
Our unique and nutrition-conscious flavor choices were regarded as unconventional and adventurous...some may call it "HIPPIE", others may call it "BOHEMIAN".
Popcorn is still my snack of choice, and now, with the help of my friends and family, we are thrilled to share this wholesome and delicious "CREATIVELY INSPIRED" popcorn. 
We invite you to share a bag with your family and friends and celebrate what inspires you! We hope you enjoy BOHEMiYUM popcorn as much as we do.
Let's celebrate the power of creativity...a little YUM can go a long way!
Jason Rhodes - BHOHEMiYUM Popcorn
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BOHEMiYUM is committed to supporting The Arts programs in public schools.

The goal of our IndieGogo campaign is to help us fund a large scale production run. This will provide adequate product to sell, and get money to school Arts programs right away. You can make a difference by donating before Sept 15th. Join us, and let's make an impact together.

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