5 Tips For Throwing The Ultimate Movie Night Popcorn Party!

Planning an epic movie night isn’t always as easy as it sounds...here's 5 tips to nail it!

Movie nights are super fun...but can take some planning. You need to gather up all the snacks (especially popcorn), figure out what movie you’re going to watch and where you’re going to watch it, and make sure everyone knows about it so they can be there on time!

All these things mean your fun night in with friends might be more stressful than enjoyable, especially if you’re hosting it.

To have the best movie night party, follow these 5 tips for throwing the ultimate popcorn party movie night!


I) Choose your movie theme

Before you invite your friends over for a movie night, you need to choose a theme. Think about what kinds of movies your friends like and try to find a common thread. Once you have a theme, the rest of the party will be easier to plan. Keep in mind the friends you're inviting over...do they like comedy...drama...perhaps something scary?


II) Choose your popcorn wisely

Gatherings are always better with popcorn. But not just any popcorn will do - you need to choose the right kind of popcorn to make your party perfect. Party snacks are all about variety, so make sure to offer a few different types of popcorn for your guests to choose from. BOHEMiYUM has something to please everyone. Whether it's something sweet and salty, or zesty...we've got you covered. Sweet Brown Butter, Himalayan Salt, or Lemon Zest...YUM!

Once you've got your popcorn sorted, you can move on to the next step...


III) Choose your drinks

No matter what movie you’re watching, popcorn is always a necessary component. But why stop there? With a good variety of drinks, you will make your next movie night party a success! Things like water, tea, and lemonade, are always a safe choice!


IV) Set up for the movie

Always include enough seating – If you plan on hosting more than 10 people, make sure you have enough chairs and couches so everyone can spread out during the movie. You can't ever go wrong with some bean bags! It's super important to set up a comfortable place for everyone to sit and enjoy the show.


V) Talk about the movie

When the movie ends, it can be super fun to talk about the movie.  Did everyone like it? What were some of the best parts? What were some of the worst? Did it live up to the hype?

Would you recommend it to someone else? It can be interesting to get everyone's take on it, and how they absorbed it.


Most importantly...have fun!


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